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Spiral Razor Wire

Spiral Razor Wire

Spiral Razor Wire is a spiral razor barbed fence, where barbed wire concertina suite spiral coils which are interconnected at several points in a certain pattern. Spiral security barrier razor is much more efficient single-reinforced barbed tape concertina and barriers of conventional barbed wire, to overcome or destroy it is very difficult.

Spiral Razor Wire

We produce a wide range of spiral razor obstacles barbed tape. In the fence barbed wire can be used in different types. In addition, spiral razor wire fence have different diameter coil, and differ in the number of clamps, fastening the coils.

In general, the larger the razor concertina cross section, the larger the diameter of the spiral coil, the greater the staples used to bond the turns of the spiral Bruno and the less the length of stretch of the bay, the more efficient running spiral razor security barrier .
Spiral Razor Wire
Turns of the spiral binder fence staples used two types - galvanized wire and staples from galvanized sheet steel.

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