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Flat Razor Wire Fence

Flat Razor Wire Fence

Flat Razor Wire Fence is widely used in the protection of the security facilities. It is also made of razor barbed wire, but the difference from welded razor wire fence is Flat Razor Wire Fence connected razor wire by clips but the welded razor barbed through welding. Flat razor barbed wire is a new type of razor barbed wire. We press the single loop razor barbed wire into flat, or press two loops into flat then expand them across. We usually use it together with beeline razor barbed wire to build a defence wall, or use it alone as a fence.It is normally used in community, mine, storehouse, prison, key sites of national defence, etc

Flat Razor Wire Fence materials:

Galvanized steel sheet and wire or stainless steel sheet and wire.

Flat Razor Wire Fence Standard specifications:

Razor thickness: 0.5mm-0.6mm.
Razor length: 12mm-21mm
Razor width: 13mm-21mm
Wire diameter: 2.5mm.
Outside diameter: 450mm-960mm
Barb spacing: 26mm-100mm
Number of loops: 31-104
Standard length per coil: 8m-16m.
Razor barbed types: Single coil, cross type (concertina razor barbed wire, flat razor barbed wire mesh).
Besides, special specifications can be provided by the customer's requirements.

Flat Razor Wire Fence Applications:

Flat Razor Wire Fence is used as security window and fence, cross type razor barbed wire be set up on top of solid walls. There are many ways to use razor barbed wire. It can be widely used in industry, agriculture and especially in military security.

Flat Razor Wire Fence Packing terms:

Compression packing, woven bag packing.

Flat Razor Wire Fence Image:

Flat Razor Wire Fence

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