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Beautiful Grid Mesh

Beautiful Grid Mesh

Beautiful grid wire mesh is also called burglar mesh.Beautiful grid wire mesh is a kind of protecting mesh product for use of prevention of burglary, prevention.


Material: Q235 low carbon steel wire, Aluminium-Magnesium alloy wire, Galvanized wire, re-drawing wire.        

Square: 50mm×50mm~150mm×150mm 


Wire diameter:3.5mm-6.0mm



Dimensions of the sheet:1.5mX4.0m,2.0mX4.0m,2.0mX3.0m        

Process: welding after bending and then anti-corrosive treatment.


The beautiful grid mesh has the characteristic of high strength, easy installation, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance. It also enjoys the feature of durable, weather-proof and so on.

  1. Weaving and welded.
  2. Convenient, can made into permanent mesh wall, also temporary.
  3. Artistic, durable.
  4. High strength, firmly ,flexible assemble.
  5. Good steel capacity, high applicability.
  6. Aging-resistance, sunshine and weather-resistance, corrosion-resistance.


  1. It is mainly used in highways and, railways, bridges both sides of the protective belt;
  2. Also be used for airports, ports and terminals security; 
  3. Municipal construction in the park, lawn, zoo, pool Lake, roads, and residential The isolation and     protection; 
  4. Hotels, hotels, supermarkets, entertainment protection and decoration. 

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