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Copper Filter Disc

Copper Filter Disc

Copper filter disc, also known as copper mesh filter disc, can be divided into phosphor bronze filter disc and brass filter disc. The brass filter disc is made of brass wire. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that provides better wear resistance, better corrosion resistance and lower electrical conductivity. The bronze filter disc is made of bronze wire. Bronze, copper and tin alloys provide high hardness, high forming ability, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, vivid color, etc.

Copper Filter Disc Specification:

  • Filter materials: red copper, brass, phosphor bronze, etc.
  • Wire diameters: 0.02 - 2 mm.
  • Discs diameters: 5 mm - 600 mm (custom size: 8 mm - 3800 mm).
  • Weaving types: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, etc.
  • Layer: Single layer or multiple layers.
  • Shapes: round, rectangular, ring, square, oval, abnormal shape, etc.
  • Wrapping edge materials: copper, aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, etc.
  • Filter Precision: 2 - 300 µm.

Copper Filter Disc Features:

  • Physical properties: excellent anti-wear property and rigidity, high durability and best tensity, withstand high temperature and harsh work conditions, etc.
  • Chemical properties: acid and alkali resistance, rust resistance, salt solutions resistance, etc.
  • Mechanical properties: environmental protection, good molding, easy installation and cleaning, accurate filtration precision, increase the equipment's safety and life span, etc.

Copper Filter Disc Application:

Copper filter disc, the same as sintered filter disc, is widely used in sieving diversified pellet, powder, liquid and gas. And it is mainly used in petroleum industry, chemical industry, food making industry, pharmaceutical industries and other filtration from all walks of life.

  • Used in home: air conditioning, smoke lampblack machine, dehumidifier, dust collector, etc.
  • Used in oil filter: edible oil filter, petroleum refining, hydraulic oil, etc.
  • Used in chemistry: chemical fiber, etc.
  • Used in other fields: textile industries, polyester slice, rubber, medicine, humidity sensor, flammable gas industry, etc.

Copper Filter Disc Product Image

Copper Filter Disc The weaving type of brass filter disc: plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave, etc.

Copper Filter DiscPerforated filter disc can be produced with round, square, rectangular hole patterns.

Copper Filter Disc

The shape and size of bronze filter disc can be produced according to your specific requirements.

Copper Filter Disc
Brass filter disc, made of brass wire mesh, features high durability, best tensity, rust resistance, etc.

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